Quiz Questions May 2020 #2

Welcome to your Quiz Questions May 2020 #2

1) The nurse is caring for an adult who is receiving external radiation. Which statement(s) made by the client indicate the client understands external radiation?

Select all that apply:

2) The nurse is discussing dietary sources of iron with a client who has iron deficiency anemia. Which menu selections indicate the client understands the prescribed diet.

Select all that apply:

3) The nurse is caring for a 60-year old woman who is newly diagnosed with pernicious anemia. The client asks why she must receive vitamin shots instead of pills. What is the best answer for the nurse to give?

4) The nurse is preparing a client for a bone marrow biopsy. Which of these actions is appropriate?

5) A 19-year-old college student reports to the student health service with a sore throat, malaise, and fever of four days duration.  Examination shows cervical lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly.  Temperature is 103oF. Blood is positive for heterophil antibody agglutination test.  The nurse knows the student’s symptoms are most likely caused by: