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Upon arrival at the emergency department, an accident victim reports diminished touch sensations in the lower extremities, but not the upper extremities. The nurse should anticipate and assess for which related neurological deficit?

The nurse is caring for a client who had knee surgery this morning. Postoperative orders include a narcotic every 3 - 4 hours as needed for operative site pain and an ice bag. At 7 p.m. the client asks for pain medication. He was last medicated at 3:30 p.m. What should the nurse do initially?

A tracheostomy tube is inserted in a patient who is in respiratory distress as a result of pneumonia. The family asks why the tube is inserted. What should the nurse include when explaining to the patient and family? The purpose of a tracheostomy tube is to...

Which nursing intervention is essential immediately following a gastroduodenoscopy?

Which of the following patients seen in clinic needs the most immediate attention?

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