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Quiz Questions May 2020 #2

Welcome to your Quiz Questions May 2020 #2

1) The nurse is caring for an adult who is receiving external radiation. Which statement(s) made by the client indicate the client understands external radiation?

Select all that apply:

2) The nurse is discussing dietary sources of iron with a client who has iron deficiency anemia. Which menu selections indicate the client understands the prescribed diet.

Select all that apply:

3) The nurse is caring for a 60-year old woman who is newly diagnosed with pernicious anemia. The client asks why she must receive vitamin shots instead of pills. What is the best answer for the nurse to give?

4) The nurse is preparing a client for a bone marrow biopsy. Which of these actions is appropriate?

5) A 19-year-old college student reports to the student health service with a sore throat, malaise, and fever of four days duration.  Examination shows cervical lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly.  Temperature is 103oF. Blood is positive for heterophil antibody agglutination test.  The nurse knows the student’s symptoms are most likely caused by:

Quiz Questions May (#1) 2020

Welcome to your Quiz Questions May 2020 (#1)

1) An adult is admitted with a head injury following an accident. He has a severe headache and asks the nurse why he cannot have something for pain.   The nurse understands that the primary reason for not giving the client a narcotic analgesic is:

2) The nurse is caring for a client who had a craniotomy. The day after surgery the client's temperature rises to 106 degrees F.   What is the primary adverse effect of hyperpyrexia for this client?

3) An adult who had a craniotomy has a temperature of 105 degrees F. What nursing action is essential because of the temperature elevation?

4) The nurse is caring for an adult woman who had a CVA resulting in right hemiplegia and homonymous hemianopia. Which nursing actions are important in planning to assist her to compensate for this loss?

Select all that apply.

5) The doctor orders an edrophonium (Tensilon) test for a person suspected of having myasthenia gravis.   Which statement is true about this test?

Quiz Questions April 2020

Welcome to your Quiz Questions April 2020

1) An adult is being admitted for a hip replacement.  Which question(s) is it essential for the nurse to ask the client?

Select all that apply

2) A 70-year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation is prescribed warfarin.  She asks the nurse why warfarin is prescribed for her. What is the best nursing response?

3) What should be included in the teaching for a client who has just been prescribed warfarin daily?

Select all that apply.

4) The client who is started on warfarin asks the nurse which foods are high in Vitamin K?  What should be included in the nurse’s reply?

Select all that apply.

5) An adult client who has had an upper GI bleed is to be admitted from the emergency department.  Hgb is 6.1, Hct is 19.8. A unit of packed cells was started thirty minutes ago. What should the nurse expect to do during the admission process?

Select all that apply.

RN – Unit 1

Welcome to your RN - Unit 1

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Which best explains why the adlemorph exfultimates with the ulmadofer?

Quick Quiz

Welcome to your Quick Quiz

Upon arrival at the emergency department, an accident victim reports diminished touch sensations in the lower extremities, but not the upper extremities. The nurse should anticipate and assess for which related neurological deficit?

The nurse is caring for a client who had knee surgery this morning. Postoperative orders include a narcotic every 3 - 4 hours as needed for operative site pain and an ice bag. At 7 p.m. the client asks for pain medication. He was last medicated at 3:30 p.m. What should the nurse do initially?

A tracheostomy tube is inserted in a patient who is in respiratory distress as a result of pneumonia. The family asks why the tube is inserted. What should the nurse include when explaining to the patient and family? The purpose of a tracheostomy tube is to...

Which nursing intervention is essential immediately following a gastroduodenoscopy?

Which of the following patients seen in clinic needs the most immediate attention?

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