Quiz Questions – April, 2020 #4

Quiz Questions for April 2020, week #4.

I hope all of my nurse friends are staying healthy. This is a time to be proud of being a nurse.  I am so grateful for all the nurses who are caring for the sick during this deadly pandemic.  Thank you for being so selfless and using your lifesaving skills.

Those of you who are in the process of becoming a nurse – we are so glad you are going to join us. 

Some of you are waiting to take NCLEX and others of you are trying diligently to finish your nursing courses in a new way of learning.  Don’t forget we have the whole NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Reviews available for download.

To help you stay at peak performance for testing I am posting a few questions for you to practice this week. You need to keep practicing questions.  You will note that I have given you a number of “Select all that apply” questions.  I expect you will be seeing more and more of these on NCLEX. Please read the rationales.  The rationales are like another textbook for you.  They help you with content and learning to think like item writers think.  Enjoy the questions.

Welcome to your Quiz Questions April 2020

1) An adult is being admitted for a hip replacement.  Which question(s) is it essential for the nurse to ask the client?

Select all that apply

2) A 70-year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation is prescribed warfarin.  She asks the nurse why warfarin is prescribed for her. What is the best nursing response?

3) What should be included in the teaching for a client who has just been prescribed warfarin daily?

Select all that apply.

4) The client who is started on warfarin asks the nurse which foods are high in Vitamin K?  What should be included in the nurse’s reply?

Select all that apply.

5) An adult client who has had an upper GI bleed is to be admitted from the emergency department.  Hgb is 6.1, Hct is 19.8. A unit of packed cells was started thirty minutes ago. What should the nurse expect to do during the admission process?

Select all that apply.