NCLEX Updates

November 2019

NCLEX® is going to change! Are you ready?

The good news is if you are going to graduate before 2023 you will be spared the new changes. However, you will be asked to take some sample questions after completing your NCLEX®. By all means do this, even if you are tired of answering questions.  You can help make the future by participating in this type of research.  Using NTC’s review courses and doing the sample test items will help you be prepared for the exam.
The bad news is we are still unsure exactly what the changes will be.
We do know that the major emphasis will be on testing clinical judgement skills.  The testing model NCLEX® will be using is still based on the nursing process.  However, many of the questions are going to look a lot different from questions you have been taking on your exams in school.
Do you want to be able to answer the new style of questions?  Stay tuned.  Each month I will have a sample of how the new questions may look.
Passing NCLEX® depends on well prepared you are. Our NCLEX® Review products will give you the knowledge and skills you need to easily pass NCLEX®.

Judy Miller, RN. MSN

Nursing Tutorial and Consulting Services