Changes to NCLEX Testing in October

News Flash!! Starting October 1, 2020 NCLEX is changing the number of questions administered.  Pretest items are being reintroduced. They were dropped in the change in format due to Covid-19.

The test plan and passing scores remain the same – no changes.

However, starting October 1, 2020 NCLEX will once again include pretest items for norming purposes. That means that the candidate will have 60 scored items and 15 pretest items for a total of 75 questions minimum. The maximum number of questions is 145 items – 130 scored items and 15 pretest items.  The maximum time has been increased to 5 hours.

The optional Next Generation NCLEX questions are also being reintroduced.  These are OPTIONAL items. You may choose to answer them or not.  They are not mandatory and whether or not you answer them will have no bearing on whether or not you pass.